• Manchineel Tree: Don’t Be Fooled By This Sweet Little Apple of Death
    Chances are you may come across it in your vacation this summer. And if you do, you want to stay far far away. No this isn't a story about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. READ ALSO: Purple Fence: Next Time You See One, You'll Want To Know This The Manchineel tree (Hippomane manichella)  is a...
  • 7 Expert Tips On How To Run Injury-Free
    Running. Can you feel it deep inside? Adrenaline rush. Laces tied. Heart pounding. Pounding pavement. A minimalist sport at its perfection! What pulls you in? The rhythmic thumping of your feet? Left. Right. Left. Right. Hard earned sweat rolling down both sides? Cool morning breeze wicking it away as it tickles down your nose? Hit...
  • Dry Drowning : Why You Need to Be on Guard
    Why being out of the water, doesn’t mean you are out of danger School’s out. Temperatures are rising. Lemonade stands are running. The next best thing to that lemonade is a dip in the pool. Dry Drowning : Why You Need to Be on Guard Click To Tweet But, little did Cassandra Jackson realize that her...
  • How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots For You – 21 Questions Answered
    What has you on the quest for the best hiking boots?  Looking to say goodbye to a pair and get a new one? Want something stylish to fit your lifestyle activities after work? Maybe you are like David Owens, a retiree in his 70's with a new lease on life looking for physical challenges rather than...
  • 7 Things you Need to Know When Going Off the Grid
    Thinking of going off the grid? No, I’m not talking about that hot food truck spot in Northern California.  I’m talking pure living, growing beards solar panels and no utility bills on a minimum of 5 acres of land.  An estimated 1.7 billion live off the grid worldwide and at least 180,000 as estimated by...
  • Young Couple Shuns City Life to Pursue their Dream of Freedom & Simplicity
    Many people dream of leaving their dreary city jobs and go off the grid, starting their lives over in the wilderness. But for most, this remains a dream. What would it look like to actually try? Meet Jesse and Alyssa, a young couple who for the past seven months have left behind their comfortable lives to build their...
  • 10 Genius Hacks To A Lightweight Backpacking Packing List
    Gap year. Summer vacation. Round the world trip. What sort of travel fix are you looking for? But, more importantly what will make your ultimate backpacking packing list? Have you ever heard the saying "On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy"? While embarking on any trip naturally generates excitement and emotion,  you may feel...
  • NPS Centennial: 10 Most Beautiful National Parks To Fall in Love With
    As the National Park Service celebrates 100 years with waived park entrances, there is no better way to celebrate and reignite your love for the outdoors than by expanding your National Park choices. You might be surprised that it’s not that difficult. We still love the classics- Yellowstone, Sequoia and Grand Canyon- just to name...


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