Warning: Buy No Prescription Swim Goggles Until You Read This

If you have to wear corrective lenses so you see clearly, you may also feel that you need prescription swim goggles for the pool. Fortunately, many companies manufacture prescription goggles in a wide range of styles. This article walks you through the process of choosing your prescription swim goggles so you get the type that are best and work smart for you. Here we go:

Choosing Your Prescription Swim Goggles


Training infull effectPrescription swim goggles come already fitted with ready-made lenses of different strengths called diopters or step diopters. Similar to the reading glasses sold in pharmacies, the prescription lenses, may closely match to your everyday lenses, though not being precisely the same.

For use in the pool, step diopter prescription swim glasses are the best and perfectly adequate.

With diopter ranging from -1.5 to -10.0 and coming in intervals of 0.5, prescription lenses are recommended both for near and farsighted. The widely available goggles are the negative diopter and are meant for the nearsighted. For the farsighted swimmers, the best lenses are positive diopter and are less common as compared to the negative.


Finding Your Best Diopter Strength

This is in fact, the first and most important step to choosing your prescription swim goggles. The best swim goggles are those whose diopter strength matches your current lens prescription. To get the best for you, follow the below steps:

  1. Get your latest prescription numbers.
  2. Using the below formula, calculate the diopter strength that you need:
    • Diopter strength = A half of the cylinder + Sphere
    • Sphere is the diopters’ weakness degree while cylinder is the astigmatism degree in your eyes. To determine the diopter strength, add to the sphere, a half of this number.
  3. Choose a diopter lens whose prescription is close or matches with your own. Such lenses will put less strain on your eyes as opposed to those not closely matching with your current lens.

Choose Your Goggle Model

Vitchelo Swim GogglesIn the recent years, goggles have evolved and users are nowadays forced to choose from the available models most of which are hydrodynamic and as sleek as the non-prescription swim goggles. There are both racing and recreational styles. For serious and lap swimmers, racing styles are the best. For swimmers who seldom do lap swimming or those who just want something on their eyes while swimming, recreational models are the best.

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Though slightly more expensive than their non prescription counterparts, prescription swim goggles remain affordable . Once you have chosen yours, give your eyes some time to adjust and adapt to their feeling before going for serious swimming.

In case of any difficulty, do what any wise men or women would do: consult your optometrist.

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