Ready for a Colombian Mud Bath?

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This isn’t just regular dirt; this ‘stuff’ is good for you!

Colombia’s mud volcano — Volcan de Lodo El Totumo — is arguably the country’s messiest attraction. With natural ingredients like calcium, magnesium and aluminum, among others… attendants slather bathers in mud once they’re inside the volcano of about 15 feet diameter and after their soak, mud-covered visitors rinse off in a nearby river.

If you go …

El Totumo is a relatively quick 45-minute bus ride from Cartagena’s Old City.

The entrance fee and transportation to/from should run around $20 per person. Beware of overpriced operators looking to charge you anything more than that amount.

Your best bet is to arrange your visit through a local hostel such as El Viajero Hostel. You don’t need to be a guest to take advantage of its budget-friendly prices. Expect to tip the locals $1 each for their services while visiting the volcano.

So what do you say… would you jump into the pool?

Source: CNN Travel

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