How to Say Yes to Travel and Change The “I’m Too Poor” Mindset

How would you like to quit your cubicle job and set out on an adventure around the world, all of that on only $50 a day budget? Thinking it’s impossible? Well, that what Matt did! Here are some tips to get you started inspired by his blog post on “changing your too poor mindset” and moving the roadblocks that hold you from travelling to your dream destinations, discover the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

Every travel naysayer believes their situation is special, that they can’t manage what someone else did for “x, y, or z” reason. And it’s not just travel. We all make excuses as to why we can’t do something we desire. “The gym is too far away.” “Just one more cookie won’t hurt.” “I’m not tall enough to play basketball.” We believe we’ll never accomplish that great thing we aspire to because we lack the one secret ingredient to make it happen.

When it comes to travel, people think what’s holding them back is money. They imagine they can’t travel because, unlike some, they can’t tap the Bank of Mom and Dad, are burdened by their debt, and simply assume that those who can travel the world are just lucky or special.  By believing that everyone else is special, unique, or rich, aren’t you putting up a psychological barrier that lets you ignore all the reasons why travel is possible? We are not saying here that if you close your eyes and say “I believe” you will magically find yourself in some far off land. It doesn’t work that way. Conversely, no matter how much they “believe”, there are many valid reasons why people can never go travel.

It’s understandable that there is some monetary requirement to travel. There’s a limit to how cheap it can be and how many free flights you can earn. There are always circumstances such as health, visa issues, debts, or family that will keep someone from the road. Not everyone can (or wants) to travel the world.

But, in Matt’s experience, “what keeps the vast majority of people home is not money but mindset. It is the false belief that their circumstances are different and everyone else who travels has money or privilege they don’t. They have bought into the belief that traveling is a luxury for those with means and, unless you’re on the inside, you’ll never be able to make it happen. Everyone and everything else that tells them otherwise is dismissed as “too easy” or “too good to be true.””

Here are some tips to get you going starting by working on your spending and then remove those psychological roadblocks:

– Do not focus only on the reasons why you can’t travel – bills, flights, car payments, debt, family, or more. Ask yourself “how do I overcome these obstacles like those other people did?”

– Start looking for what you can do right now to make that happen. Start small: How much would you save if you bought a Brita instead of a daily bottle of water, gave up Starbucks, cooked more of your own food, or drank less? What if you gave up cable? Downgraded your phone plan? Walked to work? Sold off your unneeded stuff on eBay?

– Find ways to supplement your income by becoming a local tour guide or Uber driver, or renting your spare room or couch on Airbnb. Become a house sitter. Start collecting frequent flier miles. Look for work overseas (it’s easy). Are you working on minimum wage? It’s a fact that the lower your income, the longer it will take to save enough to travel, but longer does not mean never.

Don’t get me wrong. Not everyone is going to be able to travel, and we understand that. Those with circumstances like poor health, sick parents, or massive credit card debt ‘might’ never be able to take the big leap. But for the middle majority it’s dream still possible and worth achieving. People from all walks of life go on the road and are proof that travel is not just for the rich and wealthy, it’s for everyone. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to sleep in a five-star hotel or do any of the futilities that are only the prerogatives of your pedants friends. Believe in you. So stop saying “no” and begin to find all the ways to say yes and make your travel dreams come true.

This article was inspired by the NomadicMatt

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