How To Choose The Best Travel Plug Adapter For International Trip

Are you preparing to travel internationally and want to take items that require electricity? In most cases, you’ll need not only an adapter plug, but the best travel plug adapter available. In some cases, you’ll also need a voltage converter or transformer.

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Here’s what you should know.

Fact #1

All over the world, there are different types of electrical wall outlets.

Here are some common plug types:

common plug types

If you’re traveling outside of North America, considering the different plug shapes and electricity voltages, and since there’s no one standard socket shape or voltage,you’ll most likely need an adapter plug

Why? If you don’t do your homework ahead of time, you may be unable to use your electrical devices. Even worse, you may damage them by plugging them into the foreign outlets.

So how do you avoid that?

To allow your device’s plug to fit into the foreign outlet, an international plug adapter is the best option you could rely on.

What is a travel plug adapter?

A travel plug adapter is little device that simply allows your device’s plug to fit into a foreign outlet. While most people find them handy, it’s important to keep in mind that an adapter plug do not convert electricity.

As a result, with certain devices such as older hair dryers and irons, you may also need a voltage converter or transformer.

Fact #2

The vast majority of us use to think adapters and converters refer to the same thing, nothing could be far from the truth. An adapter is NOT a converter.

Converters and transformers change the voltage of electricity to match the voltage of your device, but, as mention above, adapters do not. They simply allow you device’s plus fit into a foreign outlet.

Europe’s electrical system, for example, is different from the US in two ways: the voltage of the current and the shape of the plug.

While American appliances run on 110 volts, European appliances are powered by 220 volts. Unless your electric toothbrush is “dual voltage” like most recent travel accessories and electronic gadgets, it will not work with, say, Italy’s 230V power. Which makes the need to have both a travel plug adapter AND a converter a necessity.

Fact #3

How to determine if you need a converter or transformer?

Converters and transformers change the voltage of electricity to match the voltage of your device. And to determine whether or not you need to one, you just need to check the power supply label of your device whether it’s single, dual or multi.

Single-voltage items have a small voltage range. If you see something on the power label that looks more like 110V AC or 120V AC, it’s a single voltage device. These small ranges are designed to accommodate voltage fluctuations only and require a plug adapter AND a voltage converter and/or a transformer for international travel. Single-voltage devices include older appliances, such as hair dryers and irons.

Dual-voltage devices use a slash to separate the 2 voltages. Example: 120V/240V. Common dual-voltage devices include newer hair dryers, electric shavers and toothbrushes, irons, coffee makers and tea kettles. These DO NOT require a transformer or converter.

Multi-voltage items use a dash to indicate the range of voltages. Example: 100-240V. Common multi-voltage devices include laptops, e-readers, tablets, smartphones, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras and battery chargers. These DO NOT require a transformer or converter.

The Best Travel Plug Adapter

One device to rule them all…

Many common personal devices like an iPhone charger, laptops, and cameras that people like to travel with can be easily powered up abroad with a world plug adapter because they are dual voltage devices.

[alert_box style=”success” close=”no”]TAKE AWAY: Remember that travel plug adapters do not convert electricity; converters do that, but you won’t need one for a dual voltage device. These devices should read something like 100/240V (V=voltage) or 110~220V AC (V AC=volts, alternating current).[/alert_box]

If you looking for an all-in-one solution, you might want to check out the BONAZZA™ DELUXE Universal Travel Adapter, considered by many as the the world’s smallest and best travel plug adapter to date.

  • Bonazza Best Travel Plug AdapterBUILT TO LAST, it solves all major problems of universal outlet travel adapter. Compactness, Smaller Size, More powerful compatibility and security, simpler operation and user-friendly design. BONAZZA™ ac universal adapter construction is SOLID and STURDY.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: BONAZZA™ BE2T world travel adapter accepts 2 or 3 prong plug outlets from all over the world therefore support grounded or ungrounded devices. It can be used with Digital Camera, GPS, Electric Razor, Laptop, MP3, Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, Hair Dryer, Hair straightener, Camcorder, etc.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: it includes 2 lightning USB ports (Output: 2400mA 5V 2.4A) in addition to the standard outlet that can SAFELY CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES at once.
  • COMPATIBILITY: 110V-660W / 240V-1440W. Compatible US, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, China, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Swiss… More than 150 countries and regions.
  • WARRANTY: really GREAT international travel plug adapter to have for your travel worldwide. Buy ONE today, FREE GET a bonus. 60 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY, NO HASSLE and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED returns!

Do not take our words for it, see what some happy AMAZON buyers are saying and discover what makes this little device the best travel plug adapter on Amazon and a great gift for the traveler in your life. 🙂

best travel plus adapter

best travel plug adapter reviews

the best travel plug adapter

One word of advice though…

As you’re packing, try to go light with your electronic gear — you want to experience travelling, not interface with it. Of course, some devices are great tools for making your trip easier or better. As the functions of smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices, and ereaders become more similar, think creatively about how you might pare down the number of gadgets you bring on the road.

With so many dual-voltage gadgets available, you might never feel like needing to travel with a separate converter. But, for some older appliances, you’ll need to buy a separate, bulky converter (about $30).

To help you lay your hands on the best travel plug adapter available, the team at BONAZZA™ has given us a 10% OFF AMAZON discount coupon to share with our readers. (claim it here)

Millions of people around the world use these little gadgets every day, since apparently a global plug standard is just way too much to ask for. I’ve used literally dozens of them over the years, in all kinds of shapes and sizes — and I’ve never found one I’m truly happy with. They’ve always had one (or usually, several) flaws that render them somewhere between irritating and useless. This was obviously until I tested Bonazza’s travel adapter.

It is not just a reliable electric device, but the best travel plug adapter ever!

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