5 Pictures of Exceptionally Crystal Clear Lakes

Ready for the summer? Look at these 5 photos: these amazingly crystal clear lakes would be a blast to go swimming, scuba diving, or fishing in. If you’ve never visited any of these lakes, it might be time to consider it. DON’T MISS: 10 Genius Hacks To A Lightweight Backpacking Packing List

1. Lake Huron, Ontario

ship-wreck-ontario Hydrologically inseparable from Lake Michigan, Lake Huron is the third largest of the Great Lakes by volume, with 850 cubic miles of water. Originally called, “La Mer Douce“, the sweet or freshwater sea, by French explorers, Lake Huron took its name later from the Huron Indian people who lived along its beaches. Second largest Great Lake and fifth largest freshwater lake on the planet, with a surface area of 23,000 square miles, Lake Huron was first paddled by Native Americans. Then, with the start of the fur trade, in the late 1600s, came voyageurs, traders and missionaries. This shipwrecked photo took place in the harbor of Big Table on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. The shipwreck site is a popular destination for cruise ships and scuba divers. The water is insanely crystal clear and is pretty amazing.

2. Flathead Lake, Montana

Flathead Crystal-Clear lakes What do you do when you stumble across such crystal clear lakes? Take a dip and dive in, of course. Well, that would not probably be such a good idea here… This photo may create the illusion that the lake is shallow, but in some parts it’s actually over 300 feet deep. Nearly 30 miles long and 15 miles wide, Flathead is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Calm at daybreak and twilight, these crystal clear waters can churn up four-foot whitecaps at midday and are said to have a sturgeon-like monster dwelling in its depths. On March 1, 1812, British explorer David Thompson ascended a hill just west of Polson at the lake’s southern end and gave the oldest surviving European account of seeing a jaw-dropping “very extensive view of the lake and country far around.” He called it “a fine sheet of water” and “the haunt in all seasons of aquatic fowl.” And for anyone wanting to know why is Flathead lake so clear: this natural beauty was created by Ice Age glaciers thousands of years ago.

3. Another Look at Flathead  Crystal Clear Lakes

Why is Flathead lake so clear? If there wasn’t a shadow for the last two pictures, it would appear that person and boat were floating. This crystal clear lake just might have made my bucket list to visit. The fish should be easy to spot, right?

4. Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria

austria-lake This lake is across the world from Lake Flathead, but it’s just as clear. You’re probably wondering how this lake is so clear and why does it look like it’s flooded. Green Lake is usually only 1 meter deep, but every year the snow thaws raise the levels by 12. This lake would be a scuba diver’s dream.

5. Crystal-Clear Lakes, Italy

italy-clear-lake It’s surprising that this lake in Italy remains this clear even though there is a lot of vegetation.  Nature offers endless adventures. Make some memories this summer and go have fun on the water. Famous for their excellent water quality, make sure the swim in these crystal clear lakes before you die. RELATED: Cabin Life: 17 Rustic Destinations For an Unparalleled Earthly Getaway

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