Campers Treated To 4:20 Happy Hours & Marijuana Massages In Colorado

Vacationers can soon live the high life at cannabis camp.

CannaCamp — which bills itself the first pot-friendly ranch resort — opens in southwest Colorado next month.


The 170-acre ranch in Durango hosts daily Wake+Bake breakfasts, organizes pot-centric cooking and yoga classes and encourages guests to smoke freely on resort grounds.

CannaCamp won’t provide travelers with pot, a clear violation of Colorado’s marijuana laws. Instead, the resort allows their guest to bring their own weed and use it during their stays. CannaCamp will even pick guests up at the airport and take them on dispensary tours before heading to the camp grounds.

“We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp — in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” Joel Schneider, head of the management group opening CannaCamp, said in a statement.


Cabin rates start at $395 per person per night, with a three-night minimum. Guests can not smoke inside the cabins, but are encouraged to on their porches.

The resort hosts all of the expected camp activities — hiking, mountain biking, ziplining and bonfires — alongside the more unconventional ones, such as marijuana education classes and cannabis-infused massages.

The luxury resort boasts a fleet of on-site chefs who can whip up gourmet meals such as elk filet, pork loin with green chili sauce and chocolate tarragon cake. That’s on top of the dining room’s daily Wake+Bake breakfasts, where diners can enjoy morning marijuana with their coffee and eggs, and the camp’s 4:20 Happy Hours, where vacationers pair weed with wine and beer.

Recreational marijuana use has been legal in Colorado since January 2014.

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