Surprising Reasons Why Some Folks Use a LED Headlamp

Who knew nature was so DARK!!  For most, that’s when a LED headlamp usually comes in really handy, but different accounts from different people of different walk of life show these little light devices to be useful in several different ways! We each have our own headlamps for camping; that’s a MUST have right? But what about kayaking, running, hunting, etc. These reviews will give you just a glimpse at what a LED headlamp can be used for.

“I ran with this on Hood to Coast (Oregon) in the middle of the night with rain and it worked like a charm. It was delivered fast and very useful. One thing to note..this headlamp is definitely heavier than the Black Diamond ones, but I ran for 5 miles and wore a hat and didn’t think the weight was an issue. I really wanted something bright and this did the trick.”  – Josh

“This light is fantastic. As a pilot I wanted something where I could NOT accidentally turn on white light. With this headset I can press the left button all the time and turn on red light, saving my night vision. The red lights are super bright to light up a cockpit which is fantastic and the white LED is blinding bright!!! I could see down the road with this light on my head. Using regular batteries is very convenient and the battery life seems to be excellent. I would highly recommend this for pilots flying at night as a backup light, and for camping it’s going to be excellent.”  – Scubamaniac

“I ordered this for my teenage son he is an avid outdoorsman. He has used it camping, and for reading in his hammock when he sleeps out at night. It has been very useful at night when he is catching nightcrawlers for fishing. The adjustable headband helps him to be able to keep his hands free as he catches the nightcrawlers and puts them in his bait box, he especially loves and the adjustable beam and light. This is a sturdy headlamp and has held up well to heavy use. ​” – Lee

“Really like this light. I bought it because I live on a large horse farm in the middle of nowhere and my dog likes to do his business in the middle of the night. There are no lights out here so I rely on flashlights. I needed a light that would allow me to have my hands free so I purchased this due to reviews. I am really happy with it. Extremely bright white light for close up and long distance…” – Petergazinya

Petergazinya‘ s definitely right. Have you ever noticed when the dog has to go out at night they find the only place that the street light doesn’t cover to do their business? I thought it was just my obstinate dog, but it seems that I wasn’t alone and certainly neither are you.

One account I found particularly interesting is the following:

“My new favorite reason that the LED headlamp is a must have? Jewelry. Yup, jewelry. I have a charm bracelet that my Grandmother started for me 43 years ago… I still add to my charm bracelet when we travel. Unfortunately, getting new charms on here is a TASK of it’s own!! I am GIDDY at how much easier adding charms is with the steady BRIGHT, focused light from the headlamp. BRILLIANT!!!” Connie Gruning 

Considering these, wouldn’t a LED headlamp make a great gift for those you love? If so, you are going to want to consider Vitchelo’s LED headlamp. It has to be one of the best gifts that you can give someone. Below, we will be going over what makes this such a good gift to give your friend or family member for the Holidays.

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What Makes Vitchelo’s LED Headlamp Such A Good Gift?

1. Water Resistant IPX6 Certified.

This particular headlamp is partially amazing because it is water resistant and protected from powerful water jets. This makes it the ideal headlamp for dealing with wet and damp areas. A lot of headlamps on the market lack this very important feature.

2. Comfortable.

This headband is also extremely comfortable as it comes equipped with an elastic headband with buckles. This enables the headband to fit comfortably on the head at all times.

3. Light Distance.

The light/high beam distance of this particular lamp goes as far as 110 meters and it can completely diminish the safety hazards of completing all kinds of outdoor activities at nighttime.

4. Versatility.

This particular headband is extremely versatile. You can literally use it for anything that you could possibly think of from jogging, reading, walking, running, fishing, biking, camping, hunting, climbing, kayaking, and more. Pretty much any activity that you need extra light with you can use it for. A lot of people could find a ton of uses for this particular product which makes it useful for many.

5. Different Levels Of Lighting.

If you do not need a powerful light at some point, you can choose a softer tier of lighting. This allows for adjust ability that makes this one of the best gifts that you can give. The recipient is going to be able to utilize this gift however they want and they can really put it to use with various tasks as noted previously.

6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Another huge benefit of this particular product is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if your recipient is unhappy with it for whatever reason, they will be able to get it returned – no questions asked. It also comes with a complete lifetime warranty which should alleviate any kind of concerns over the durability of the product(s) in question. This kind of guarantee shows how confident VITCHELO™ is that they have a great product on their hands.

Remember the above reviews from Josh, Lee, Scubamaniac and Petergazinya? Well, they are all referring to the VITCHELO’s Headlamp! In fact, they are about 1,500 people who’s reviewed the headlamp and it is no surprise that it made its way up to the NUMBER 1 SPOT in Amazon’s Headlamps and Post Light Accessories categories. Yup, you read that right: NUMBER 1 IN TWO CATEGORIES! We must be doing something right? Right?

When buy your loved ones a VITCHELO™ LED Headlamp, you give them more than just a headlamp and show them more than just love. You show that you care!

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