Pop-Up Tents: A Speedy Camper’s Shelter of Choice

Pop-up tents have taken up the camping industry by storm. These minimalist backpacking tents are a product of the innovative manufacturers (and a constant ranting of campers who have hated domed tents for years) with the aim of making our camping life not only comfortable but also secure.

Honestly speaking, you do not need a complex tent with lots of elastic cords, dangling poles and stakes that will make the entire assembly process difficult. Although many people find it very hard to believe, there are numerous reasons why pop-ups tents are the best.

Why is it the case? Let’s first look at the pros of pop-up tents.

Pros of Pop-Up Tents

1. Easy To Deal With

In an emergency situation, creating shelter is a priority. Setting up a pop-up tent is no rocket science and can be done in a few minutes and this includes pitching the stakes, etc.

Set up pop-up tents

2. Cost

A pop-up tent is extremely affordable when compared to other types of tents. Depending on the amount of cash you intend to spend, you have the option to buy a new or used pop-up tent. Moreover, the price also depends on the features you need in your specific tent. Therefore, if you’re looking to go for a cheap camping trip, you should consider including a pop-up tent.

3. Storage and Portability

Another reason why pop-up tents are the best is that they are easy to store. When the tent is not in use, the camper easily folds to a compact and flat disc. And since the tent is extremely compact, you will easily find a place to store it, especially if you want to store it in your house. Pop-up tents weigh much less than a regular tent. This comes handy when you are hiking long distances.


Cons of Pop-Up Tents

If someone asked you, why pop-up tents are the best, you would probably give them a list of the many benefits associated with pop-up tents. However, just like everything else, pop-up tents have their own disadvantages.

1. Difficult To Pull Down

For some people, bringing down a pop-up tent can be frustrating. It may not be as easy to take down as setting it up. Here’s a great Youtube video tutorial that you can follow when taking down your pop-up tent. Also, remember to practice, practice, practice before heading out to camp.


2. Not Windproof

Another drawback of pop-up tents is that they are not windproof. In their erect nature, these tents can be easily blown away by strong winds. This means that you might not enjoy the comfort of your camping trip with this kind of tent.

A tent is still a temporary shelter no matter the type and the price tag. And nature being fickle can often catch you unawares in the middle of nowhere. Here’s a guide on how to storm and windproof your tent.

3. The Problem With Condensation

Water dripping on your face can ruin a good night’s sleep in camp. Internal condensation is a common problem even in colder weather. You exhale about 1 liter of water in your sleep at night. Multiply this with every person inside the tent and that’s the amount of condensed water you will be dealing with.

Here’s a quick hack to prevent condensation on the bottom of your tent.

DIY Prevent Condensation in your Tent

Or check out this more detailed guide to prevent internal condensation in your pop-up tent.

How To Choose The Best Pop-Up Tent

Choosing the best pop-up tent is not an easy task, especially if you have never gone shopping for a tent. However, there are some key attributes that can help you settle on the best pop-up tent. These include; the material, fabrics, weight, shape, interior space, entry and exit points and other extra features.

Vitchelo Pop up Tents

The VITCHELO® 2-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent is a great pop-up tent that is made for a one person to set up a tent painlessly. It is designed for a much greater lifespan for your camping tent and more time for you to enjoy the outdoors. This dome pop-up tent comes with high-quality fiberglass poles built for up to 10.000 uses, rustproof water-resistant and hassle-free nylon coil zippers to keep your doors and windows running smooth. 

Also, ask yourself these questions before choosing on the pop-up tent of your choice.

  • How many people will sleep in it?
  • Will you be carrying it in your backpack?
  • Will you use it for other outdoor activities?
  • What type of weather will you be using it in?
  • How big of a space do you need?

Once you’ve answered all these questions and decided on the attributes you value, then you can finally choose the perfect pop-up tent for you and your family.




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