5 Amazing Local Hiking Groups That Will Make You a Happy Hiker

“Feeling LOW? Go on mountains.” ― Prajakta Mhadnak  …And if there isn’t anyone to go on the mountain with you? Meet other local hiking groups!

The reality is that there are many factors that keep you and your boots indoors more often than you like.

It may be that you don’t have a partner that can go hiking with you at the hours you are available.

Maybe you are looking for a challenging hike while your friends are just starting out. Or does the birth of a child have you second-guessing whether hiking is still for you?

While such changing circumstances are out of your control, there is a solution that is within your reach. What is it?  Many are turning to local hiking groups to meet up with fellow hikers.

These hiking clubs provide a wide range of partners with valuable experience for the new and seasoned hiker.

In this article, we are glad to show you how 5 local hiking group sites will help you overcome common obstacles that tend to keep hikers indoors. Read on.

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Hike New Trails & Find Camaraderie In These Local Hiking Groups


The Capital Hiking Club

CHC Local Hiking Groups

The capital hiking club is perfect for hikers that have varied schedules. With the Capital Hiking Club you won’t have to miss out on a chance to hike because your buddies can’t hike at the same time as you. Interesting and distinct hikes are offered all year round. This is also a perfect option for those that want to enjoy night hikes in a group. And for the highly organized, they even offer a printable quarterly hiking schedule.

Hiking and Backpacking

This local hiking club site is ideal for hikers with varying levels and personalities. Let’s face it while you and your buddies share the love of hiking, your drive is not created equal. And that’s okay. This site allows you to search clubs by states. Since each club has a distinct personality you can find one that suites yours. Also, you can meet up with and learn from experienced hikers. But, it also affords the new hiker a space to go at his own pace.

Washington Trails Association

WTA is just the solution for the hiker that is seeking some good ole human warmth along the trail. This site allows you to meet up with adventure by searching for local hiking groups by region. Hike meet ups are planned weekly and by season. While they are based in the Washington area, it is definitely worth looking into.


It’s Always Better To Have Someone to Hike With


Hiking Meetups

Meet Up Local Hiking Groups

Have you moved or are you thinking of going hiking away from home? Then Meetup.com is just the site for you. You can look for local hiking groups from as close as your backyard to all over the world. At these hike meet ups you can get the heads up on the best hikes in town. Before you know it you’ll be hiking like a local. So go ahead and get your pack ready to meet up adventure wherever the wind blows.

Hike It Baby

This site is ideal for families with newborns and small children. If you think that your lovely new addition to the family means packing your hiking pack away, think again. This organization is dedicated to encouraging families to introduce their little ones as soon as possible to the outdoors. To celebrate that, Hikeitbaby offers hikes and strolls that are available in 150 cities around the country. And to top it off, all of their hikes are free.

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Whatever the challenge you may face, local hiking groups provide the solution you need to get out there this weekend. Whether you are on vacation, looking for a partner or hoping to introduce your new family to the joys of the outdoors, we are sure that a hiking group can be the motivating factor you need. Go ahead and check out those local hiking groups in your area or in another state today.

I would like to hear back from you. What keeps you motivated to go hiking?

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