Hiking Safety: How you can keep kids safe out in the open

A ramble in the forest, a stroll across a mountain field, or perhaps a strenuous alpine hike with the reward of the breathtaking view – everything sounds perfect until something goes completely awry. Being a former search and save volunteer and EMT, hiking safety is essential in my experience. I’ve took part in plenty of backwoods searches that might have been prevented had they taken a couple of safety measures, just a little know-how, and also the right tools.

Believe me – if golf is “a good walk spoiled,” same is a search for a missing walker! If you are intending to explore trails inside your region this winter and fall, know precisely what it takes to experience a fantastic outside adventure (making it home just in time for dinner).

Safety Safeguards

Before aiming on any backwoods hike, download or purchase a topographical map of the trail network so you’ll be familiar with trail crossings and alternative ways. Consider hiking having a buddy, or, should you must hike alone, always tell a buddy or family member where you will be and also when you intend to become back. Many trailheads offer “sign-in stations,” where walkers can register their presence.

Lucky walkers will love recognizing wildlife on the way with very couple of exceptions, these creatures will respect your presence should you respect their own. Transporting bear spray is a great precaution for the rare event of an encounter with the aggressive animal, however a camera will prove useful much more frequently.

Gear to consider

Most walkers make sure to pack weather-appropriate clothing and have a water bottle when aiming, but they’re surprised to understand what else ought to be when they were young pack. While compasses and Gps navigation models are helpful, it normally won’t result in the listing of absolute essentials. Neither do high-tech hiking rods or hydration systems, despite being nice to possess. Actually, walkers transporting only the following five products will greatly improve their likelihood of survival within the backwoods whenever they take more time within the elements than planned:

  • Bandana
  • Whistle
  • Glow Stick
  • Plastic Poncho
  • Compact disc or Mirror

All five items could be bought for less than $10 at any outside store or dollar store. Keep all five safety tools inside your hiking day pack perpetually to make sure they’re ready on every hike.


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