Little Known Hiking Photography Tips for Beginners

To stop taking bad photos, it’s time to appreciate the best hiking photography tips mentioned by leading outdoor experts. The difference between a great photo and a bad one starts with your approach. Here’s more on key information to keep in mind while hiking.

Best Camera for Hiking Photography

Before starting, it’s important to look at your equipment.

What camera are you using? Does it have the power to offer quality results? Here’s what you need to consider while going out and buying a new camera.

1) Portability

2) Ergonomic Design

3) Range

4) Durability

5) Quality of Pictures

6) Battery Life


These six factors can ensure you end up with a top-tier camera as soon as you want. Don’t purchase a camera that is mediocre and will make your hike a frustrating one.

So, what cameras should a person be looking into?

The ideal option would be a “backpacker’s” camera. This can include Sony Alpha a6300, Nikon D7200, or Ricoh GR II if you’re on a budget. Take the time to look at each camera and its benefits before making a decision.

Remember, the camera is going to go a long way in determining the quality of your pictures. It’s easy to follow tips and still come out with below-par pictures. Capture those great places to hike beautifully! Get the right equipment and make sure you’re starting with an ideal fit. It’s a must.

As Henri Carter Brisson says, “the camera is a sketchbook” meaning it’s the tool to unveil your creativity. Don’t skimp on this part!

How to Take Care of your Camera while Hiking


What should you look into while maintaining the camera during a hike? This is an important question to ask.


1) Wipe the Screen Meticulously

2) Carry Proper Bag to Hold Camera During “Off Hours”

3) Carry Multiple Batteries to Manage Power

4) Assess Picture Quality to Determine the Quality of Your Current Settings


Remember, it’s these tips that will ensure you end up taking world-class hiking photos. If not, you might be left with an album that’s below par. One of the tips mentioned is to keep an eye on the camera and see if there are variations over time. This is a great way to see if the camera is fading and might need a new battery, change in settings, or something else.

While going through all of the photography tips for backpackers, maintenance will remain a key cog in your approach. These hiking protection tips set the tone for your experience out in the wild. If not, you may take good photos, but the camera is going to break down eventually.

Don’t let this happen and make sure you have a proper maintenance strategy. It’ll go a long way in protecting the camera and its accessories. The moment you skip on this is the moment you compromise the pictures.

Preparing for a Hiking Photo Shoot


As you look to start shooting outdoors, preparation will remain important. You want to plan and make sure the right steps are taken to set things into motion. Nature photography isn’t a breeze if you don’t let it come to you naturally.

Too many people aim for that picture-perfect shot, and those are hard to come by. Instead, you want to plan and set up a strategy to get a range of high-quality photos. It’s all about having a collection that works for you while hiking.


Here are the critical hiking photography tips to keep in mind while hiking outside.


1) Have Backups (If Camera Fails)

2) Upgrade the Camera for Hiking Purposes

3) Have Strategy for Batteries/Charging

4) Carry Important Lenses Only

5) Change Up Your Approach To Taking Photos


Keep these hiking photography tips as a way to remind yourself of what to do. Hiking brings along with a range of experiences, so taking advantage of what’s in front of you is vital.

Kowtham Kumar said, “a photograph is a click away” and that’s the mindset you need. Don’t get lost in that one photo for too long. You will only end up wasting precious time! Think about this before heading outdoors for a bit of fun.

15 Ways to Photograph an Amazing Hiking Experience


What should a person think about as he/she goes out for a hike in the wilderness?

There are 15 ways to maximize a hiking experience.


1) Plan Ahead

2) Take Unique Transportation Methods (i.e., Rafting)

3) Target Every Feature In The Setting

4) Prep with the Right Gear

5) Don’t Be Afraid of Ordinary Shots

6) Understand importance of Using Height and Distance

7) Take Action To Get Better Shots 8) Learn to Isolate Features

9) Don’t Ignore the Subject While Emphasizing the Setting

10) Target Different Times of the Day

11) Build a Story Line with Your Shots

12) Keep Your Mind Open

13) Set up a Simple To-Do List

14) Pretend It’s A Magazine Shoot

15) Document Everything to Find Good Opportunities


With these in mind, you’re able to maximize the photographs. These 15 ways are a big part of your hiking photography tips and should be in the back of your mind!

Tips to Capture Better Photos on your Smartphone when Hiking


1) Understand Settings of Your Phone

2) Charge the Phone

3) Tap to Focus

4) Learn the “Camera” Shortcut to Quicken Process

5) Use On-Screen Grid

6) Don’t Ignore Brightness Setting on Phone

7) Start To Move Forward Instead of Zooming with the Phone

8) Use a Smartphone Tripod to Focus

9) Use the Panorama Mode

10) Don’t Ignore Auto HDR Feature

11) Use Burst Mode to Take Multiple Shots at Once


These are the critical hiking photography tips to keep in mind while using a smartphone. It’s easy to think a camera is necessary but it doesn’t have to be. Even a smartphone can do wonders for those who are prepared. Don’t forget to protect your iPhone with a waterproof cell phone case.

You need the right mindset, and it will work out in your favor.

Start with these tips and move forward towards a brilliant experience that is memorable. You will enjoy it, and the album will be aesthetically pleasing!

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