Don’t Buy Any Led Headlamp Until You Know Those Facts

Facts you should know about LED Headlamp

Any outdoor enthusiast who respect himself or herself will not go camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, biking, kayaking… at night without a lighting source, and a LED headlamp make things so much convenient since you wear it on your head while your hands are free to do whatever you want.

No need to say headlamps are very popular nowadays, they get the job done but not all headlamps flashlight are created equal. Why? Let us explain.

Unless you are doing some professional outdoor activities, you do not need a headlamp over $100, we can even say not more than $50. Seriously, a budget of $50 USD is more than enough to get you a great headlamp flashlight that will basically cover most of your outdoor recreation needs. But, there is a “but” you need to choose wisely to get the best value out of your hard earned cash.

Have you ever heard those complains about camping headlamp?

  • The battery life is too short.
  • The beam is not adjustable.
  • This headlamp is not waterproof not even water resistant.
  • Can not see as far as would like to see.
  • Quite heavy on the head when wearing for a reasonable amount of time, etc.

If you go over most amazon headlamp reviews, the ones that sell for $50 or less, you will find out that the list above is far from exhaustive 🙁

So when considering about buying a LED headlamp, make sure you ABSOLUTELY look for the followings:

  • The best headlamp on the market can not afford not to be at least water resistant, period. Waterproof ratings go from IPX1 to IPX8 (immersion beyond 1m) and we can tell you right now, do not accept anything less than IPX6, mainly if your outdoor sport include going on water.
  • The beam distance is another big factor to look after. You shall be able to see clearly at least 30 meters ahead, otherwise you might put yourself on risky and unpleasant situation at night.
  • Unless you’re a selfish person, your headlamp shall include both white and RED lights. A steady red led is very practical for reading at night without disturbing other people around you.
  • You will be wearing your headlamp on your head, so no need to say the head strap shall be comfortable, soft but strong.
  • Adjustable beam, ultralight, durable… are all good points to consider before you take out your credit card.

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Now you know more than most headlamp buyers out there, hope you make the best investment out of your money. If you do find this article useful, please share it on your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

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