What’s The Best Headlamp Out There Under $30?

What’s The Best Headlamp Out There Under $30?

This video features the NEW Vitchelo V800 Premium LED Headlamp VS the #1 BEST SELLING Headlamp Flashlight on Amazon.

A lot is said of the VITCHELO® headlamp.

For Michael Lanza, the VITCHELO® headlamp meets all his standards. As an expert hiker and brand ambassador for Osprey, Michael needed a headlamp that was very light, reliable, versatile, and above all, bright. In his review, he qualifies the V800 as reliable and distinctly simple to use.  Click here to read the full review.

How To Choose The Best Headlamp

How To Choose The Best Headlamp

While you may not be concerned with the quality of headlamp you’re using to complete repairs in your garage, you’ll definitely want to ensure the one in your bug-out-bag is the best headlamp for your needs.

According to The Bug Out Bag Guide, when choosing a headlamp, your priorities may differ depending on whether you are looking for the best hiking headlamp, best camping headlamp, or best LED headlamp; and ultimately, how you intend to use your headlamp. Generally, when choosing the best headlamp, you will want to look for the following: brightness, distance and battery life; comfort, weight, and size; and IP rating for water resistance, IK ratings for shock resistance, and durability.


All thing considered, the Vitchelo headlamp won the first spot for Best Hiking Headlamp and you can read the full review here.

Brad Nelson reached the same conclusion in his in-depth review of VITCHELO® V800 Premium headlamp.  A reliable, quality headlamp should not only make an excellent addition to your survival gear, but also to your general equipment for outdoor activities and daily tasks.

When jogging, would it bounce around on your head and maybe even slip off? To Brad’s surprise the VITCHELO® headlamp works well as a headband. “The band is wide and comfortable. It does have to be snug but is more than adequate for an hour or so use at a time.”

No endorsement intended, the V800 even made it’s way to be featured in Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

When choosing the best LED headlamp for your needs, make sure to select one that provides an adequate level of lighting in a model that fits you comfortably. Sick and tired of fancy-pants gears? Look for headlights that have multiple light settings and angle adjustability, as these qualities will increase the versatility and usefulness of your headlamp. Additional considerations, especially for outdoor use, are the levels of water and shock resistance and having more than one battery option available.


Always remember, chance favors the well-prepared – and especially the well-equipped!

Now, watch this unbiased VIDEO review by a VERIFIED Amazon buyer.

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