10 Places To Go Camping Before You Die

The best way to experience a new place is to sleep outside under the stars. Here’s our top 10 list to visit and camp out before you leave this world.

1. Archways National Park, Utah


Household of more than 2000 natural sandstone archways as well as to some variety of wildlife such as the peregrine falcon and technicolored lizards. Find all the particulars you would like related to going camping at Demons Garden Campground right here.

2. Miyajima, Japan


Miyajima is definitely an destination only a boat ride removed from outdoors of Hiroshima. Camping is permitted practically all year long, you are able to book cabin rentals and tents, you’ll find also adorable little stores and incredibly fascinating temples to look at.

However the very best part? The trained deer who spend time out and are absolutely human-friendly.


3. Sahale Glacier Camping, Washington


Based on the Washington Trails Association experiences, no one returns disappointed after “frolicking among fields of flowers, peaks of ice, and big chunks of rock bearing basking marmots-probably the most outstanding all downhill landscapes found all over the world.”

4. Campervanning in Nz


Rent a campervan, drive round the country, and find out everything New-Zealand has got to offer, from rough mountain tops to kayaking and delightful blue skies.

5. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan


From Fjallraven’s blog: “Northern Lights. Swimming in Caves. Sand-papered toes. Waterfall ice climbing. Sand filled sleeping bag. Coves, coves, and kayaking.” Offered.

6. Joshua Tree




That starry evening sky ought to be convincing enough. Get more informations on costs and bookings here.

7. Minchin Cove in Newfoundland


Minchin Cove is definitely a forgotten settlement in Terra Nova National Park. You’ll go hiking through coves, canyons and seaside waters.

8. Large Sur


Camping in the Redwoods at Large Sur. Have more information here.

9. Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru


If you are into hiking, this trail goes through crystalline ponds, small towns, and not to mention, very epic mountain sights.

10. Eco-Camping in Patagonia, Chile


If you’re more obsessed with “glamping,” you’ll get the amenities of staying in a hotel with all the romantic camping experiences like sleeping under the stars, wildlife, and spectacular views. Get more information here.

You may have seen all these photos floating around the world wide web, but know that the dream is real! More of these will come in our next post… #20 is absolutely worth living for.


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