16 Things That You Should Experience at Least Once in a Lifetime

Well, for most, their first two cents would probably be love, sex or the usual but now so elusive American Dream. After all, why not? But aside from the afore mentioned, I deeply think there’s more in this life worth experiencing – at least once in a lifetime.

1. Be a Minimalist


At-least 50% of the things we own are of no use to us, some we don’t even remember buying and what we really need to function normally is probably 10% of what we own.

2. Bungee Jumping


Among all the adventures you can experience in your lifetime, bungee jumping is the one every person should experience at least once. Not a good idea if you have a lower back pain or just underwent a back surgery though. If you have any type of hardware in your back (screws, stabilizing rods), those could easily be dislodged or become unstable as it might put excessive pressure on your surgical repair.

Would it be safe once you are healed?

In the words of Dr. Thomas Dowling, “once healed and cleared to return to activities and sports by your surgeon there should be no issue as long as the strap is intact”… but then it would not matter anyway.

3. Learn to Dance

Let’s admit it. Most people are scared to death to dance in public. But can we ever forget these killer moves? 🙂

Dancing combines two of our greatest pleasures–movement and music. When we dance, we have a chance to connect with others on a most basic level. And we all know body language to be the most honest, clear and expressive form of communication.

4. Failure


Before you think negatively about this, please read on!!!

In one single moment, you would realize the value of life if you have taken it for granted. You would realize what it feels to be someone whom you conveniently mocked and laughed at. You would understand how it feels to be someone who is blamed to be incapable even though he is more than capable for a job. It is enough to bring you to the ground, make you humble and caring.

In search of happiness and motivation to spring back, maybe you would realize that there are millions of people out there who are in worse conditions – with no money, food or shelter, and thus, might lead you to inculcate compassion and a feeling of social responsibility.

It will help you to know yourself – what motivates you, what you did wrong, what makes you happy and so on, ie you would know thyself. It will help you develop better ideas, new approaches and would make you a better human being.

And yes, it will make your success that follows much, much sweeter.

5. Help Someone Random


Someone who isn’t your relative, isn’t your friend or the friend of a friend, isn’t your coworker, isn’t your neighbor — some random person you probably never would have encountered in your life.

And I don’t mean giving a buck to a panhandler as you walk by, or donating to a worthy charity. I mean actually putting in significant time and effort to do something nice for somebody you had absolutely no social, moral, or legal obligation to help.

Now watch that person’s face.

6. Parasailing


Call me crazy but you’ll want to experience this at least once in your lifetime. It is one of the most thrilling yet risky water sport but being up in the air releases tension and pressure from your body like no other activity, while the wind caresses your skin. Like any extreme sport, it eliminates stress because of the sudden adrenaline rush, creating a great feeling of wellness. Plus, inhaling sea air is healthy knowing that the negative ions in the salty air combat the free radicals in your body, relieving it from toxins.

From the fun banana boat ride to extreme parasailing, water sports activities give you a better cardio workout than a gym and the best part is, they’re a lot more fun and exciting.

7. Tandem or Solo Skydiving

Tandem skydiving could be the most thrilling experience you could ever have in your life. Laying on a firm cushion of air; there is no weightless feeling whatsoever.

Aside relieving stress, it helps you realize that you’re stronger than what you think you are. If you can skydive, you can do anything- including getting up in front of a large crowd and giving a speech! Once you’ve conquered skydiving, you can count on the fact that you’ll be up to any challenge anytime!

8. Travel


At least once, go to another country, or at least to another place which you are unfamiliar with and ideally alone. Don’t be a tourist who is there just to see the popular attractions and to take pictures – be a traveler. Explore the place, don’t just see it. Interact with local people and taste the food they usually eat. Try to understand the place and the culture, and appreciate the diversity of human life and experiences. Make the experience a journey, not just a vacation.

9. Jumping Into Water From a Height Sufficient to Scare You.


With the appropriate safety considerations, free falling is an ultimate thrill. But if you’re like me and have kids who need you around try not to do as many crazy things. 😉

10. Jump Into the “Devil’s Pool”on The Edge of the World’s Largest Waterfall, Victoria Falls.


There are things in life that challenge you both mentally and physically; Jumping into a moving stream, a mere inches from the lip of the Victoria Falls rim at a height of 360 feet (108 meters), before the raging waters spill into the vast gorges below in deafening sound is one of them. When the river flow is at a certain level, usually between September and December, a rock barrier forms an eddy with minimal current, allowing adventurous swimmers to splash around in relative safety a few feet from the point where the water cascades over the falls.

11. Poverty.


I know what you may be thinking. Sounds odd? Indeed it is. It’s not the usual thrill experience we all aspire to, but it will teach you a hell of a lot more.   We’re all used to the clichéd pictures of starving African children. But this won’t be my point here. In fact, poverty is also a striking reality here in America. While they can’t afford to make ends meet, sadly, most American living in poverty work.

People, in my opinion, need the lessons that poverty teaches in those first young years of adulthood. Budgeting. Saving. Decisions about what is really important and what isn’t. Who your friends are. How to work.

You’ll never forget the years of living on very little, and you will carry the benefits for a lifetime.

Not that I’m asking you to give all your belongings away or to become a monk from a day to another. But, if you just look around you, maybe while driving to work, right around the corner, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

12. Get Lost!

Even if only for once, get lost. The thought of being lost scares, I know, both physically as well as mentally. We fear the uncertain more than anything else in life.

But why be lost at all? To step on the path no one ever tread earlier, to explore the territory uncharted. If you’re always certain about everything you do, you’ll always know what to expect, and if you always know what to expect, how can you ever find something new, something undiscovered? No, you won’t.

Being lost has its share of beauty. Columbus, lost while looking for India, ended up finding the new world – America. Talk of being mentally lost? Kekulé ended up having a reverie/daydream of a snake seizing its own tail, thus suggesting to him the ring structure of the Benzene molecule, which was unlike anything known to science.

And the discoveries need not be only outside. Being lost is rare chance of discovering yourself as well. That’s when you are confronted with your fears, your aspirations, your strengths and weakness, the limits you can go to and the limits you can exceed – you can know what stuff you are made of. That feeling of utter despair will bring out your true character.

So go ahead, be lost for once. As I always tell my friends, even your destiny wouldn’t know what you’ll end up finding.

Fortunate are the ones who are lost, for they get the better of even their destinies!

13. Hardship. Of any kind. And gravity or degree of that doesn’t matter.


While in Kenya, I have seen children walk 10 kilometers to go to school everyday. Never has a child valued education more.

When I was a child, I have seen my father work throughout the day only to get a Sunday to spend with his children. Never have I or my father enjoyed our time together so much.

I have seen people saving every penny to buy gifts for loved ones. Never have gifts been valued so much.

I have seen people with physical disabilities striving against all odds to come up in life. Life and limbs are a gift to be valued.

I have seen people walking kilometers to fetch water. I have learnt the value of free natural resources. Never to waste a drop of it.

I personally have seen life without enough money. I have grown up to value money and use it judiciously.

Lastly, it is facing hardships that we learn who our real friends are. And how much our mothers mean to us!

14. Spend a Day Hiking, Climbing, Diving Into Pools… And Star-Gaze at the End of the Day

This may not be applicable to everyone but it will to anyone who lives in a relatively big city.

So here’s the deal: Take a bunch of your closest friends, get into your cars and go out on a trip to a forest or a national park. Spend your day hiking, climbing, diving into pools or whatever you want to do. At the end of the day when you are worn out completely, take your cars to a clearing, spread out a blanket, lie down and look up at the sky. It’ll take a fraction of a second to silence everyone around you and another half a minute to transport you beyond this world.

Trust me when I tell you, it is a life-altering experience. This is what a night sky in Yosemite looks like:


“If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown! But every night come out these envoys of beauty, and light the universe with their admonishing smile.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature and Selected Essays

15. A Reading Spree

Buy a book you have always waited to read. When your roommates go out for a party, silently open it in some corner of your bedroom and read slowly moving your finger across the pages, sporadically sipping coffee to easily digest the text. Once you are done, take a deep breath and try to sleep. You will not be able to sleep, since you had just been through a storm. A storm cosseted near every comma, between every sentence, above every vowel in the story…

16. Live Your Life As How You Want to Live or Master the Art of Being Yourself.


Guess you were not expecting this but I’ll put it bluntly: there’s nothing you “MUST” do in life!  You are not obligated to see the night sky and milky way or travel the world or fall in love or be a parent. You’re not obligated to go hiking, get close to nature, watch a certain sports event or whatever. Your life is just as complete as the next person as long as you’re happy about it.

Should the entire “must *** before you die” be mandatory would just be another way to say “live like me or you’re a loser”. Live your life as how you want to live. You love camping? Do it! Don’t know how to dance but loved to learn? So go ahead and take some classes if it’ll make you happy… Guess that living your life as you want it is about the only thing you MUST do.

So that’s it. In the event that I’ve missed a point or two… just shoot us a comment line, right below.

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