Top 20 Places To Go Camping Before You Die (Part II)

Lots of you have ravishingly liked the first part of our Top 20 Places To Go Camping Before You Die. When our time on Earth will be over, we won’t regret the things that we got disappointed about, but those we didn’t enjoy when we had the time and kept postponing for later! So, to keep the dream of a life live to the fullest, here’s the rest of our top 20 places to go camping.

11. Catalina Island off the Coast of California

Catalina_Island_ off_the_Coast_of_California

Catalina Island is a wonderful place to camp near crystal blue waters and go kayaking. Get more information here.

12. Lake Myvatn, Iceland

The summer, is surprisingly pleasant in Iceland. Get there at the right time and you’ll catch a very stunning view of the Northern Lights.

Lake_Myvatn_Iceland Lake_Myvatn_Iceland_2

13. The Adirondacks, New York


Are you agoraphobes? You can have your very own private island to camp on. For more details click here.

14. Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada


“Within Jasper National Park lies an amazing collection of lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, and massive mountains.” There’s also fishing, skiing, kayaking, swimming, and a protected ecosystem of wild animals. You’ll find all the information here.

15. The Fjords, Norway

The_Fjords_ Norway

Lay under the Aurora Borealis and get pulled in a sledge by Norwegian Fjord horses.

16. San Juan Islands in Washington


Only a ferry ride from Washington, the San Juan islands are a classically attractive place to go camping with sparkling blue waters, deep forests, and waterfalls.

17. Teepee Camping in Idaho


Ever wanted to live in a Free People ad? This is the ideal place to be!

18. Sardinia, Italy


One of the most beautiful spots in the world to go camping on the beach.

19. Glacier National Park in Montana


This national park on the border of the U.S. and Canada offers 100’s of lakes and a huge array of flora and fauna.

20. Tree Camping in Waldseilgarten, Germany


The image speaks for itself. Seems to be out of this world. A once in a lifetime experience that should be in your bucket list!


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