7 Reasons Why This Is The Head Flashlight You Deserve

If you enjoy camping or otherwise spending time in the great outdoors, it is important that you are able to see with the reduced level of light available. Utilizing a head flashlight is often the easiest way to accomplish this goal and the V800 Plus headlight by VITCHELO® is the best choice yet!

There are several reasons why this high-quality lamp is the ideal choice for you. This model has been designed to meet and exceed customer expectations based on feedback from other designs. Once you review them, you will see why the VITCHELO® V800 Plus LED headlamp should replace your current one before you make another trip out in the dark.

1- Head Flashlight Lighting Mode

While most headlamps will emit only a narrow or wide light, this model will allow you to choose between the two settings. You can utilize the wide light, also known as a flood light, to provide general light to your area. This is perfect if you are setting up your tent or making adjustments after the sun has set.

On the other hand, the spot light will work best for giving you a view of the path ahead if you must go down a trail in the dark. In other words, use the flood lighting mode for close-up works and the spot light to see things at a certain distance.

2- Dimmable Light

Another reason that the V800 Plus is the best head flashlight around today is the adjustable light levels. Currently, your headlamp choices will give you two, maybe three options for brightness. Instead of only offering high, medium and low, you can dim this lamp easily.

This is a fantastic addition that will help to reduce the amount of power that you use. Saving battery life when you are camping is essential, and this headlamp will help you to accomplish that task with ease.

3- Lockout Feature

In fact, the power setup is fantastic on this model. The ability to dim the light when a brighter light becomes unnecessary is just the beginning. Another wonderful feature that you are sure to appreciate is the Lockout Feature.

This special addition will prevent the light from coming on inside of your backpack and draining the life from your batteries. Never again will you arrive at your campsite only to discover you have no way to illuminate the area while you set up the camp.

4- Rechargeable or Non-rechargeable Batteries?

This headlamp will allow you to use rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Although the competition depends on one style or the other, you will appreciate the ability to choose based on each situation.

5- Battery Level Indicator

In addition to choosing whether to rely on rechargeable or one use only batteries, you will be able to monitor the amount of battery power you are using along the way.

The battery level indicator can easily be read and will allow you to note when it is getting low rather than having it suddenly cut out or go very dim on you. This way, you can make the battery change when you want and not based on unexpected necessity!

6- Red and White Led Lights

Another feature that you are sure to appreciate is the separate controls for the white and red lights. Each is operated by a special control for the V800 and the V800 Plus head flashlight models. This simple and very useful feature makes it way easier to use the red light to help preserve your night vision compare to the competition.

7- Boost Mode

Head Flashlight Boost ModeAdditionally, the V800 Plus by VITCEHLO® has an incredible boost mode that is activated with a simple touch. This way, if you need an additional burst of light quickly to see what is going on, you can get it.

No worries about fumbling around searching for a specific trigger, you can increase the brightness and aim your head at the area of concern to quickly discern what is going on. It will quickly return to the normal brightness level when the boost is no longer activated by simply touching the boost mode again.


This is the perfect headlamp for people who work or spend leisure time outdoors. From going on a regular run to exploring caves and hiking trails, you will appreciate how much simpler and easier this headlamp will make your tasks. You will have the latest model in affordable and practical lighting gear.

Not only will it improve your safety levels, you will find that this is the best model yet as far as ease of use and battery usage goes. Don’t you deserve to have the highest quality possible head flashlight for your outdoor lighting gear?

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