10 Holiday Gifts For Women Backpackers

Finding holiday gifts for women backpackers can feel a bit stressful when you aren’t a backpacker yourself. Every backpacker has some essentials that they need and some items that make their lives a bit easier. However, knowing what those items are and which brands are the best can be a bit daunting.

Anyone who is buying a gift for a backpacker wants them to be able to use the gift. For this reason, you likely want the gift to be helpful to them, rather than a hindrance. This leads to a fear of buying items that might be cheaply made or not actually essential to backpacking. After all, the entire activity is based around carrying as little as possible around with you.

If you have found yourself trying to find the best possible holiday gifts for women backpackers in your life, then read on. Below we have compiled a list of ten of the best items available on Amazon this year. Each of these has been tested by women backpackers that we know and has received rave reviews. Any of the gifts on this list as sure to be a hit with that loved one.

1. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

It can get cold when you are out in the elements, so a good coat is important. This offering from Columbia is lightweight, compact, easy to wash, yet keeps you warm and dry. It comes in a huge number of different colors and from sizes small to extra large. This piece is also great for layering during much colder weather, making it a great addition to any backpacker’s stash.

holiday gift ideas for women backpackers

2. VITCHELO Inverted Umbrella With Hands Free C Handle

This is the best windproof umbrella on the market. It owes most of this title to the heavy duty yet lightweight materials that have been used to construct it. This feature is combined with a c shaped handle that allows full range of movement with the hands, even when the umbrella is in use.

The umbrella closes in an inverted manner, keeping the raindrops off of the backpacker and her gear. This design also makes it easy to hang the umbrella to dry outside of a tent, on public transportation, or in a car.

The high quality fabric is also less likely to become damaged than similar fabrics in the same style.

holiday gift ideas for women backpackers
holiday gift ideas for women backpackers

3. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Full Cut Brief

Most people don’t think much about women’s outdoor underwear, but proper hygiene can be hard to maintain while backpacking. These underwear have been made with special anti-microbial material that helps reduce odor. This fabric also allows increased airflow, keeping their coverage area dry and comfortable.

They are also made to be easily hand washed, reducing the number that are needed on any given trip. This full cut brief dry in as little as two hours when hung to dry. They are also resistant to stretching out of shape or being damaged when being hand washed.

holiday gift for women backpackers

4. Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland Water Bottle

If you are looking for a good outdoor water bottle, this is the one that you want to get. Contigo is a well known name that has a reputation for quality. All of their water bottles are made to last and are guaranteed not to leak. The Cortland edition of their bottles is no exception and even has a limited lifetime guarantee.

The bottle automatically seals, even if your friend is distracted or forgets, keeping her water safe. The bottle itself is made from BPA free plastic and is resistant to bacterial growth. Finally, it can be washed both by hand and in a dishwasher.

holiday gifts for women backpackers

5. VITCHELO No Fog Swim Glasses for Women

Women who backpack are often quite active and one of the most popular activities around the world is swimming. A good pair of anti fog swim goggles will help protect the eyes and make it easier to swim in pools, lakes, and anywhere else that the urge to swim strikes.

These goggles were specially designed to be completely leak proof, but have also been created to be especially durable. Their unique shape makes it easy to slip them a backpack as well.

holiday gifts for women
holiday gifts for women

6. Cordless Headphones by Vitchelo

Many women love to listen to music while they are walking and doing other activities. That is why these wireless ear buds have made our list of holiday gifts for women backpackers. Their behind the neck design and easy compatibility with most smartphones have already made them a best seller.

They offer a long battery life, high quality sound, and a long life. The Vitchelo cordless headphones come with a warranty that is quite generous. They also include a small carrying case, keeping them from getting tangled or lost in her backpack.

holiday gifts for women backpackers
holiday gifts for women backpackers

7. MCTi Waterproof Windproof Women Winter Gloves

These might be the warmest womens winter gloves on the market today. They keep out moisture, making them perfect for snowy trips or time spent in the rain. They are also small and compact, making them easy to keep in a pocket close to the body.

The MCTi waterproof  gloves also take high honors in the women’s waterproof winter gloves category. This wonderful winter gloves keep the hands soft and supple, avoiding damage that often comes from biting wind. They make it easy to undertake tasks such as setting up tents in the wind.

holiday gift ideas for women backpackers

8. Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask

This windproof half face mask will keep the woman backpackers in your life from feeling cold on her travels. They half mask allows easy mobility and breathing, but keeps wind away from sensitive facial skin as well.

The design is also easy to layer with other protective pieces, making it an invaluable part of any spring, winter, or fall kit.

holiday gift ideas for women backpackers

9. Multipurpose Travel Sling Backpack With Interior Organization Panel

This bag has our vote for the best sling backpack 2017 has to offer. It’s small enough to not get in the way, but holds a large amount of items. It is light weight, made with extremely strong fabric, and easy to carry. This fits gently against the body, not causing any issues from excess pressure.

The bag also has an interior organizational panel that allows a number of important items to be kept within easy reach.

holiday gifts for women backpackers

10. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

This thermarest inflatable pillow finished out our list of holiday gifts for women backpackers, but might be one of the most luxurious offerings on the list. compressing down to the size of a small clutch, this full size pillow guarantees a good night’s sleep.

The easy to wash material comes in a number of different color and pattern options. It is soft, keeps in body heat quite well, and has a long life as well. It is made from a highly compressible foam, making it extremely light weight.

holiday gifts for women backpackers


All of the products mentioned in this article are great options for the woman backpacker in your life. Each of them aims to make her life a little bit easier while saving space. Each item is easy to wash and easy to care for. All of them are made to last, even in the harshest conditions.

Whether you buy one of these or all, any woman backpacker you know is sure to be thrilled with these great products. If you know that one or more pieces are missing from her kit, you can easily help her fill in the gaps. They are all a great value as well, despite their high performance.

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