Camp in Style: Ideas for Glamping

If you’re looking for a glamping guide, we are here to help. The way people travel has changed tremendously. People are no longer interested in generic and one-size-fits-everything types of vacation. They now want to explore on their terms and indulge themselves in the local culture of a place. Many don’t just spend time witnessing nature. People now want to live in nature. A fusion of camping and glamour, glamping is the best way to authentically experience the awe-inspiring locales across the globe.

The truth about glamping is that it is more than just a comfortable tent. In fact, the glamping movement is growing rapidly and it will not slow down anytime soon. All over the world, you will come across incredible destinations, all of which have their unique advantages. You could reside in a treehouse on the forest canopy, have breakfast in a yurt on a mountain peak or enjoy the panoramic views in an eco-lodge. The list is endless.

What Is Glamping?

So what exactly is glamping? When this word came into the limelight about a decade ago, it was mostly associated with the high-income adventure campers. They are those who were spending a lot of money camping with their luxuries. The word glamping – which is a portmanteau of camping and glamour – is where the stunning nature meets modern luxury. Glamping is the best way to experience the unique and untamed parts of the world without having to compromise creature comforts.

Others also view glamping as a one-of-a-kind experience in which you select an amazing glamping van and a breathtaking backdrop. This offers the experience of a lifetime in which one doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort. It is the best way to connect with nature without roughing it up. And when you go glamping, you can expect secluded landscapes, unique structures, and amazing views. You can have these while you enjoy luxurious bubble baths and relax in comfy beds. Glamping also includes the enjoyment of on-site spas and escape to private glamping tents.

Complete Glamping Guide

Why Go Glamping?

Well, glamping is camping in comfort, style and it is a luxurious way of going outdoors while still keeping the comforts of home.  For example, glamping vans and glamping tents offer memorable outdoors experience. Why should you go glamping? This glamping guide will give you a few reasons.

– It is Comfortable

When you go glamping, you are basically having some luxury camping without roughing things up. With glamping, you can do away with the tent where must contort your body to crawl into and use a tall canvas tent with enough room. While camping is wonderful, sleeping on the ground and using less-than-ideal washrooms can be draining to many people. Glamping means that you will sleep on real beds, have tents that are more spacious and receive hotel-like hospitality.

– The Locations Are Marvelous

Another reason to go glamping this fall is that it takes you to places that resorts and hotels can’t. You could find yourself waking up deep in a mountain range or just a few steps away from a beach on a private island. You can be on top of a mountain peak overlooking the serene canopy below. When you step out of your room, you are immediately immersed in nature. It does not get any better than that.

– It is Affordable

Living luxuriously in a teepee, yurt, cabin or tent does not have to break the bank. In fact, glamping is considered to be cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort. If you look at a glamping area near you, you’ll be surprised by what you discover. You can have good sleep knowing that all your money has been spent well.

You Don’t Need to be Be An Expert

Camping is not as straightforward as walking into the woods with a sleeping bag and tent. This forms the assumption that you just need to have the two essentials. While camping is low cost, the gear you need to rough in for the next days will obviously add up quickly. There are a few campers who just want to trek for several miles and go off the radar for several days. If that is not for you, glamping can be the best bet for a memorable camping experience. You just have to show up in your destination, sit back and enjoy the simplicity of just being outdoors.

Glamping vs Camping: What Are the Differences?

  • Camping involves laying to rest on a sleeping bag whereas, in glamping, you will enjoy a king-sized bed with sheets.
  • If you need to use the restroom while camping, you’ll have to pick one tree in the forest. On the other hand, you will enjoy a woodsy themed restroom while glamping.
  • While camping, you prepare your meals over an open fire but with glamping, you can enjoy roasted food and at the same time have some home cooked meals as well.
  • When camping, the chances are; you might never take a shower not unless you have a portable shower whereas, in glamping, you will enjoy a functional bathroom with nice showers.
  • When camping, storing can be a problem so you could hang your supplies on tree branches but with glamping, you just put everything in your cottage.

7 Great Locations For Glamping In the US

If you’ve been camping for years and want to try something new, it is time you ditched the ripped tents and dusty sleeping bags from your attic and think of where to glamp. Just imagine experiencing nature’s beauty without the uncomfortable treks and hikes. Here are some of the best places that our glamping guide recommends:

  1. Fireside Resort – Jackson Hole, Wyoming – From comfortable queen size beds to luxury linens to concierge and cleaning services, this is the best place to get an extraordinary glamping experience.
  1. The Sequoia High Sierra Camp in California – If you want to enjoy some guest amenities, deluxe furnishings, friendly hospitality and explore the Kings Canyon National Park, this is the spot to visit.
  1. The Moose Meadow Lodge in Vermont – Resting on about 87 acres of beauty, this glamping location comes with all the amenities you would need and many outdoor activities.
  1. Mustang Monument in Nevada – Encompassing more than 900 square miles, this glamping spot gives guests an unforgettable adventure and lets them connect easily with nature.
  1. Bali Cottage and Bali House in Hawaii – This back sanded beach paradise gives guests an excellent way to experience the Hawaii outdoor life and enjoy numerous high-end luxuries.
  1. Glacier Under Canvas in Montana – From whitewater rafting to golfing, biking, hiking, and fishing, there is an endless array of activities to keep you occupied during your vacation.
  1. Camp Orenda in New York – This location offers a backcountry experience complete with outdoor activities, delicious cuisines, and custom canvas tents.

Glamping Gear Recommendations

Many people often wonder what to bring when glamping and the truth is that there are many tools and essentials to carry along. This glamping guide offers a few essentials that you must have on your checklist.

Trusted LED Camping Lantern – This stylish LED lantern can be a good way to bathe your camp with some warm glow. This lantern replaces the wick with some batteries – this makes it a safer option for those with kids.

Double Hammock – There is no better way to take your relaxing to a new level other than with a colorful hammock. Use quality hammock straps to ensure safety.

Inflatable Couch – Relax anywhere with this giant bean bag chair that is a great companion for lazing away! Watch that beautiful sunset in the mountains or go stargazing outside your cottage – it offers you a truly memorable experience of relaxation.

LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Turn up that song! Enjoy your favorite music while glamping. This light up Bluetooth speaker offers you a great theatrical experience.

With this glamping guide, you’re surely set for your next vacation.

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