20 Practical Camping Tips You Haven’t Seen Listed on BuzzFeed

As head of content & marketing at VITCHELO, I spend a lot of time monitoring what people talk about on the social media sphere.

Along with a short list of blogs and influencers, I keep up with daily with what people are sharing that can be of a lot of value to you.

One of my favorite blogs to follow along with is Explore The USA.

Using the hashtag #campingtips, the platform regularly shares some very insightful camping tips.

Since my job as Content Manager is to bring value to our audience, I know I would discover new gems from their Twitter feeds that are not listed on BuzzFeed.

And that I did!

Here are just a handful of their best camping tips along with those of other influencers and outdoor adventurers.

#1- Never dump or bury food scraps. Flies and animals will find it, and so will the next person to camp there.

#2- Black-bottomed pots and pans heat up quicker than shiny, reflective ones.

#3- If weight is not an issue, get cast iron pieces. A deep frying pan and a Dutch oven can cook 90 percent of camp food.

#4- Slightly polish the connecting joints of your tent poles with super-fine-grit wet sandpaper for an easier fit.

#5- Just buy a new tent? Practice setting it up once at home before you leave to ensure you aren’t missing any parts

#6- Organize all your goods before you set out on your #adventure! E.g: keep your sleeping goods together.

#7- In bear country, cook and eat at least 100 feet from your sleeping area. Nobody wants to be woken by a wear.

#8- Camp where the morning sun will strike your tent or trailer. It makes those chilly mornings a bit warmer.

#9- A head torch is a must. That way you can still keep both hands free to set the van up, even in the dark

#10- Although it feels warm at first, drinking alcohol just before bedtime actually robs you of body heat later.

Try this one with you are going winter camping.

# 11- Keep the next day’s clean socks and underwear inside the foot of your sleeping bag. They’ll be warm for the morning.

#12- Save your dryer lint! It makes a great fire starter. (But you already knew that)

#13- Never camp under a lonely tree

#14- You don’t need to go shopping! We have hot dogs and cereal,that’s breakfast lunch and dinner lmfao

#15- Seal the seams of your tent – you’ll have a drier night. Many tents come with a tube of sealer.

#16- Choose an inclined spot to set your tent and then sleep with your head uphill.

Looking for an effective solution to hang your wet towel and swim suits? Check this simple DIY out.

#17- DIY PVC tube rack-Hang towels and wet swimsuits on!

#18- This camping tip will help decrease chances of any unwanted germs and sickness!

#19- Wear long underwear to bed

This one should have made the top of our list of camping tips.

#20- Start the camp before you start drinking.

If you’re interested in following the hashtag #campingtips for yourself, just head to Twitter and create a list of the account handles mentioned in this post.

Have some camping tips of yours you wish to share? Don’t forget to hashtag camping tips and tag us (@vitchelogear). Who knows… we’ll probably feature you in our upcoming posts.

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