9 Obvious Reasons Why Camping Beats Staying In A Hotel

Camping is becoming more and more popular with people who like to go to festivals or even just take lots of holidays. Camping these days is rather different than how it was even a few decades ago. Modern tents are more waterproof and windproof, and modern camping beds can be incredibly comfortable.

There’s even a form of camping affectionately known as ‘glamping’ where you can camp in a warm structure with decent furnishings, and enjoy access to amenities such as electricity to charge your devices if you wish. We’re here to tell you that there’s no better way to spend your vacation than outdoors rather than in a hotel.

Camping beats staying in a hotel and here are our reasons why:

1. You are not tethered to one location.

Hotels have the advantage of having access to a private shower and a large room. However, when you camp out you have privacy and freedom to set your own schedule and go anywhere you want.

Camping offers you far more freedom than staying in a hotel. You don’t have to worry about being tethered to one location. If you get bored in that city you can move on to another area.

2. The absence of noisy guests.

You don’t have to worry about noisy guests next door disturbing your much-needed vacation. Nothing ruins a well-planned trip than a group of rowdy neighbors. If this should happen to you in camp, you just move on to another site preferably one with minimal foot traffic.

3. It is cheaper.

Who doesn’t want to save money? Spending one night in a hotel, even the crappiest one is costlier than staying in a campground. The cost of staying in a hotel can add up if you are staying multiple nights.

The infographic below shows that on a 25-day road trip, more than half of the budget goes to lodging.

Cost of 25-Day Road Trip

4. The best 360° views all day.

You can enjoy the best views on the planet for a fraction of the price you would pay if you were staying in a penthouse hotel. There’s so much to see outdoors. Why anyone would prefer staring at the walls in a hotel room, we do not know.

5. More space for everybody.

Imagine being cooped up in the car for hours with the kids only to be stuck in a hotel room for hours or days. Let’s admit it. We need space after a long drive. Kids can explore and play freely without bouncing off each other.

6. It teaches kids love for the outdoors.

Kids these days prefer spending time with their gadgets. Camping forces them to unplug and forget about their gadgets for a few days. It teaches them how to respect wildlife and be more adventurous. Kids look forward and remember these adventures than your hotel-stay somewhere.

Camp with your furry pals

7. You can bring your furry pal with you.

You can bring your pets with you and not have to worry if the owner of the accommodation welcomes pets. Getting hit with a cleaning fee is not something that you would look forward to either.

If you’re planning to bring your furry pal with you, here’s a list of the most (and least) pet-friendly national parks in the USA.

8. It develops stronger relationships.

Camping gives you the advantage of spending quality time with your family. Instead of spending time in separate rooms, you get to bond together by doing group activities. Sitting in front of the campfire, making smores, and telling stories is a great bonding experience.

9. Truly unplug from the world.

We are so addicted to technology that we sometimes forget to connect with people who matter. The lack of reception forces you to put down your gadgets and truly enjoy nature and the company of your family. Hotels may have free Wifi but better connections are made with your family outdoors.

Glamour camping

Different tents to choose from

Why not give it a shot? Rather than spending money on a hotel room, spend it in a tent outdoors with your family. There are many types of tents available to suit your preferences and needs.

There are tents that you can buy these days that are incredibly lightweight and that just ‘pop up’ without a lot of assembly required. Pop-up tents like the Vitchelo® Automatic 2-Person Dome Tent easy to use and perfect for a single person or a couple camping out. For multiple day hikers, a great option is to use ultralight tents which are designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

If you are camping with a large group, you can invest in a pod-style tent. It has a central living area with a couple of sleeping areas to give you a little bit of privacy at night.

Of course, there are the large family tents with more room for everyone. If sleeping on the ground is not for you, you can opt for a camper van or invest in a roof-top tent.

Let’s not forget camping in a Yurt – this is a nice option if you want a little more comfort. Yurts are warm and cozy, and while they’re quite compact they have the creature comforts that you’re used to at home. And they’re a nice ‘transition’ if you are a little nervous about being away from the city, but want to try ‘roughing it’ without having to get your hands dirty so much.

Do you prefer camping or staying in a hotel? What else makes camping better than staying in a hotel?

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