10 Best Black Friday Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast (Under $20)

Herein we will explore the top outdoor gifts under $20. Importantly we do so while being cognizant of the daunting task that is gift shopping. More often than not, choosing a gift entails a combination of creativity, deep thought, and thorough understanding the recipient. There is always the pressure to find a gift that oozes elements personal touch while being functional to the recipient’s life. There is also the financial aspect of gifting. All things considered, finding the perfect gift for an outdoorsy recipient is never straightforward as you might imagine.

If you find yourself in need of a gift idea for an outdoorsy individual, fret not; we have your back covered. Read on and acquaint yourself with some of the best items you can gift someone. The selection of gifts below is first and foremost functional. Every item on this list has utility while in the wild. Secondly, the gifts are under $20 and are thus inexpensive but well-thought-out items.

#1. Vitchelo V800 Headlamp

As one of the best headlamp for backpacking, the Vitchelo is a staple in every outdoor gifts under $20 listicle. It is designed and crafted to outdoor exploring, sporting features requisite for outdoor activities. The Vitchelo V800 has a lightweight build and compact packable design.

It has both red and white LED headlamps, making adaptable for whatever situation you may face. There are two control buttons for each type of light, making it easy to use this headlight. Being a headlamp, it comes with an extendable headband for perfect comfort. Finally, it is water resistant, a must-have feature for outdoor items.

outdoor gifts under $20

#2. Gioberti Mens Full Zipper Polar Fleece Jacket

When it comes to mens hiking fashion, there is not a lot of items on the market that fit the bill. Outdoor apparels are designed for men on the market are made for functional reasons alone. The stylistic elements of the clothes and their appearance are secondary. However, for the Gioberti Mens Fleece Jacket, it meets the functional requirement of keeping you warm, while at the same time making you look good.

It is lightweight and warm because it is made of 100% polyester. It comes with two pockets for increased storage and padded collar for increased comfort. Being a full zipper, it is easy to wear and remove

holiday gifts for the outdoors enthusiast

#3. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Stove

The Etekcity Ultralight is a durable compact collapsible outdoors stove designed for backpacking. It is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum alloys, making it lightweight. This is important as it reduces the overall weight of the backpack. As Steve Casimiro, the founder of Adventure Journal founder said: “Humans are not meant to carry heavy loads on our backs over long distances.” Hence backpacker should aim to use lightweight items every time for a pleasurable experience.

It also has the Piezo ignition system for better fame control and a supreme cooking experience. Importantly, it burns clean, leaving no trace behind.

holiday outdoor gifts

#4. Extra Large Silicone Swim Caps for Long Hair

Do you want to go swimming outdoors? With high-quality waterproof outdoors silicone swim caps, you can keep your hair dry and safe from being entangled. Being extra-large, the cap fits well, protecting the hair, forehead, and the back neck area. It is designed to comfortable and easy to put on and off without snagging your hair. This swim cap is made of silicon fabric for increased comfort and reduced risk of allergic reactions. It also has granules on the inside bottom part, giving it supreme grip to hold the cap in place.

holiday outdoor gifts
holiday outdoor gifts

#5. Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

If you are hiking on a warm summer day, a cold treat comes in handy. A backpacking cooler bag in such a case is important in keeping everything cool. The Coleman 16-Can cooler is an effective, versatile, easy-to-use backpacking cooler bag that every outdoorsy person should own. It is designed to hold 16 cans, ample capacity for a group of people. Coleman cooler has a removable hard plastic liner, giving it superior flexibility. It has adjustable shoulder straps, a front zippered pocket, and two mesh side pockets. Importantly, it can use ice or ice substitute to keep the drinks cool.

holiday outdoor gifts

#6. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Vitchelo

This is another top outdoor gifts under $20 for your consideration. Being outdoors does not mean staying devoid of any modern forms of entertainment. With the compact portable wireless Vitchelo speaker, you have ample entertainment. The iPhone compatible Bluetooth speaker pair seamlessly enhancing user experience. It also has FM radio and a TF Card slot for alternative sources of entertainment beyond your mobile phones.

Importantly, it has a supreme design adapted for outdoor living. For instance, it can be used just like a portable lump is used.

holiday outdoor gifts
holiday outdoor gifts

#7. Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries

For the best outdoor experience, fueling up with healthy foods is important. Whether you are hiking or simply camping, having high-quality foods as part of your supplies is important. However, considering the restricted carrying capacity that comes with backpacking, the food you carry should be compact. In this regard, the best choice should be dehydrated food camping. Augason dried sliced strawberries are a healthy source of calories, with each can packing 630 calories. A full can is enough for 18 servings. Importantly, every can has a shelf-life of 30 years, thus negating the possibility of going bad.

outdoor gifts

#8. Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

If you must have your cup of coffee to get you started each morning, the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy is a must have. The single serve brewer is innovatively designed to brew coffee in any situation and given environment. It can brew coffee at any strength but it is highly adept at brewing rich coffee. Importantly, is designed to be universal, fitting any kind of cup or mug that you choose to take on a backpacking expedition. It has a reusable mesh filter, making it a good item to have during backpacking expeditions. Additionally, it has a compact design, reducing the amount of space it takes up in a backpack.

outdoor gifts

#9. Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice

The Yaktrax Traction Cleats is one of the outdoor gifts under $20. Not only is it functional, it is also crucial to safety when hiking during winter. They are among the best ice cleats for hiking on the market. The cleats also provide all-around traction on cold surface negating the risk of falling. They are also incredibly lightweight as they are made of plastic. The elastic outer band makes it easy to slip on and remove. This makes it easy to use. For durability, the 1.2 mm steel coils that provide traction are coated with zinc that prevents rust. These traction cleats have been designed and tested to withstand breakages in cold temperatures of up to -41 degrees Fahrenheit.

outdoor gifts

#10. Youphoria Sports Microfiber Multi-Purpose Travel Towel

Being able to dry yourself while hiking is an important capability. However, since you may not have the time to wait for the towel to dry, it is best to have travel towel quick dry. The Youphoria Sports Microfiber towel fit the bill perfectly. It is designed to dry fast while at the same time being super absorbent. It comes with a super comfortable mesh carrying bag. The bag makes it easy to pack the towel and travel with it. Additionally, the hanging loop also makes it easy to dry when backpacking. It comes in three sizes; the 32 x 72-inch size, the 28 x 56-inch size, and 20 x 40-inch size.

outdoor gifts
These trusted gifts will surely bring a smile to the face of your loved one. Give them something that they can use for a long time! Any backpacker knows the importance of having the right gears to make the camping or hiking trip memorable. Invest well. And remember, the best gifts spring from the heart.

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