Living Off the Grid: 6 Benefits That Will Make You Want To Do It

Living off the grid can be quite rewarding for those willing to make the adjustments. It might seem like a challenge at first. But if you are ready to make sacrifices to live a quiet, stress-free life off the grid, you can enjoy the benefits this type of lifestyle has to offer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider going off the grid:

1. Lowers Energy Costs

You will never have to worry about monthly utility bills if you live off the grid. This means saving hundreds of dollars each month. Aside from using solar power, you can also install a wind generator to harness the wind for power generation on windy days. You will not only save on power costs, but you will no longer have to worry about being disconnected.

An infographic courtesy of One Block Off the Grid shows you how much solar energy costs, the monthly savings, savings generated over the course of 20 years, and how long it’ll take to pay for itself. This should shine a light on topic if you are interested in using solar energy.

Infographic on Solar Energy Costs

2. Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

There are some people who live off the grid who typically grow their own food. By growing their own food, they minimize the consumption of too much processed and chemical-laden foods. Although this takes a little more work and effort, at least you will be reaping the benefit of having a healthier lifestyle.

3. Plenty of Home Design Options

Living off the grid does not necessarily mean living in earth shelters and straw bales. Although most homes are smaller, this is not always the case. The decision to live off the grid becomes all the more exciting should you decide to start from scratch and design your own home that suits your needs.

Here’s a gallery of beautiful off the grid homes to inspire you.

Soleta zeroEnergy Modular House

4. Increased Environmental Awareness

Simple living, relying on alternative energy, and learning/adopting the best conservation methods provide a hands-on environmental education. Choosing to live off the grid means having a close interaction with the environment.

A simplified lifestyle gives us a new perspective on what matters in life. We begin to notice and appreciate the details such as the beauty of the mist while sipping your morning coffee. It makes us enjoy and care for nature more than ever.

5. Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Living off the grid means using renewable energy sources to provide the energy you require for daily living. This gives you an opportunity to do something about reducing your carbon footprint.

Just to give you an idea, below is an infographic of the carbon footprint of an average American.

Average Joe Carbon Footprint


6. To Find Happiness and Freedom

People often consider living off the grid for financial freedom. Initially, you will invest in technology or gear to pursue this type of lifestyle. Ultimately living simply will cost you less. You will be free from the monthly costs that are slowly draining your bank account.

By eliminating the non-essentials, you will have more time to build meaningful relationships with people who matter most. You will realize that you have more time to do what you really enjoy. All these in the long term lower your anxiety and stress levels.

Take for example Jesse and Alyssa, a young couple who shunned their city life to pursue their dream of freedom and simplicity. They quit their jobs and slowly built their dream house on a plot of land they bought in Idaho. You can follow their wonderful journey, often filled with challenges and fun discoveries in their pursuit to live sustainably off the grid on their blog Pure Living for Life.


Living Off the Grid, The Bottom Line

Living off the grid is not for everyone. It is not cheap and requires a lot of hard work and a conscious effort to maintain this kind of living. However, it is gaining popularity as more and more people want to simplify their lives.

Beyond getting off the grid and being self-sustainable, the driving force for people is to focus only on the important things. By eliminating the non-essentials, you gain financial freedom and live stress-free and happier lives. You then realize that in the long run, the benefits of living off the grid surpasses that of the cost of setting up your off the grid home.

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