“Advice On How To Prepare Your Camping Gear List”

Long-Distance Hiking Camping Gear List

A long-distance hike is a major endeavor. It requires significant advance planning if it is to be successful. Examples of long-distance hikes in the United States include the Appalachian Trail along the East Coast, the John Muir Trail of the Sierra Nevadas, and the Hayduke Trail across the Colorado Plateau. These hikes take several weeks to several months to complete; hikers need to carry everything they’ll need without being overburdened. Careful planning of a gear list is essential.

Everything a hiker brings on a long-distance hike needs to be multi-purpose and as lightweight as possible. Remember that carrying something weighing five to ten pounds over a 20 mile weekend hike might not feel like much, but carrying the same weight for hundreds of miles will take its toll.

Rather than bringing a bowl, a cooking pot, a mug, a plate, and a knife, spoon, and fork, the prepared long distance hiker will bring a small pot with a handle that can double as a mug, a multi-tool utensil, and a deep-set plate instead of a bowl.

Don’t skimp on the money. Remember that during a long-distance hike, gear will wear out. Higher quality gear costs more, but it will last longer and make for a more enjoyable trip. The cost of an item can be divided up by the miles to determine if it’s really worth it. The total for a long distance trip, including hotel stays, transportation, and occasional restaurant meals shouldn’t come in at more than $2.50 to $3 a mile. A $100 pair of high-quality, waterproof boots across a thousand-mile hike works out to just $0.10 a mile – definitely worth it for comfortable, dry feet.

A long-distance hike is a lifetime achievement. Like any major undertaking, it will not be a success without proper preparation. The right gear is absolutely essential. Finding a balance between need, comfort, weight, and cost is something every hiker will have to work out, preferably before undertaking their long hike.

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