6 Resorts That’ll Bring You As Close To Nature As Possible

Luxury doesn’t have to be faked or forced. In fact, true luxury is usually genuine, honest, and rare. And for the most discerning of travelers, the ultimate in splendor comes not from what man can create, but from what is borne of the Earth naturally. That’s why these six resorts stand out amongst all the flash and glamor of 5-star tourism. Their beauty can’t be replicated, but only remembered.

1. Anantara Golden Triangle & Elephant Camp – Chiang Rai, Thailand



This incredible hilltop resort in Chiang Rai gives visitors panoramic views of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand and of course, contact with elephants at their premier Elephant Camp. The onsite camp works with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to rescue rehabilitate elephants.

2. Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes — Kuchchaveli, Sri Lanka

Nestled in a secluded 10-acre reserve, Jungle Beach boasts 4 kilometers of private beach, tropical mangroves, and 48 cabins overlooking your choice of the jungle, beach, or lagoon.

Jungle_Beach_1 Jungle_Beach

3. JapaMala Resort — Tioman, Malaysia

For the utmost privacy, JapaMala is your go-to resort. With only 13 rooms available hidden within 11 acres of tropical rainforest, this resort is the epitome of eco-luxe. Not only is it a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2014 Winner for Small Hotels, Service, Luxury and Romance, JapaMala always takes every care and precaution to ensure their environmental footprint is as small as possible.


Complete with its own private pool, kitchen, an outdoor lounge, and 2 bedrooms, the Penghulu House is perfect for a private getaway where you never have to leave your hotel room.


4. Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp — Lombok, Indonesia

Another one for those who love their privacy and pristine destinations. This beach gem offers just 11 open-air berugas on 55 acres of beach-front property. If you’re looking for an “off-the-grid” feel, this would be it.

Jeeva_Beloam_Beach_Camp_1  Jeeva_Beloam_Beach_Camp 

5. Hanging Gardens Ubud — Bali, Indonesia

Known as having one of the best swimming pools in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, the famed Hanging Gardens Ubud is a stunning jungle resort with 38 private suites and villas. Not only do you get a gorgeous green view of the forest but your own private infinity pool as well.

Hanging_Gardens_Ubud_1  Hanging_Gardens_Ubud 

6. The Farm at San Benito — Batangas, Philippines

The ideal place for a mental and physical retreat, The Farm at San Benito is renowned for its health and wellness programs. Dine on surprisingly delicious raw food, indulge in an all-natural body scrub and massage, and get your body going with their variety of physical activities. It’s no wonder it’s won over 20 spa awards and is a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2014 Winner for Small Hotels and Luxury. And despite being its own veritable green escape, The Farm is only 2 hours outside of Manila.

The_Farm_at_San_Benito_1 The_Farm_at_San_Benito

Here it is for this amazing list. And what’s best about all of them, is that they bring you as close as possible to nature but you don’t have to sleep on the dirt.

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