10 Incredibly Awesome Adventure Campers You Wish You Owned

Here are the 10 most awesome adventure campers available.

If you wish to go car camping in the wild – the actual wild – your Toyota Camry won’t make it. No my pal, you’re going to need something with much more chutzpah.

These 10 heavy-duty adventure campers are made to crawl over any terrain that stands within their way, whether it’s a steep mountain or dense jungle brush. Heck, a number of them may even drive over the sea.

A few of these adventure campers consist of amenities that you’d typically get in a high-end RV. So, if you’ve ever desired to try glamping inside a desert, jungle or rugged mountainside, these adventure campers will do the job.

Jeep Forward Control


The Jeep Forward Control is really a unique utility vehicle which was produced from 1956 to 1965. These trucks have a cab over engine layout that gives the automobile a shorter wheelbase.

Jeep Forward Controls were created as both a pickup along with a van. Both designs are wonderful vehicle platforms for rugged camper conversions, like the one pictured above. Best of luck finding one today.



Had the idea to place your RV on a jacked-up 4×4? EarthRoamer beat you to the punch.

The company makes heavy-duty, go-anywhere expedition campers that are loaded with the amenities you’d expect in an RV. The company started by building self-contained Jeep Wrangler camper conversions, but later switched to modifying Ford trucks like the F-650 featured above.

Terra Wind Amphibious RV


The Terra Wind is really a fully-loaded luxury camper that can operate on land and water.

It may achieve a cruising speed of seven knots on water, and may go up to 80mph on land. But it comes with a hefty price tag – these bad boys cost $850,000.

Unicat TC55 Comfort Plus

Unicat TC55 Comfort Plus

Ok, it type of appears like a garbage truck, but don’t let this rugged camper’s exterior fool you.

Inside you’ll find high-grade wood panelling, skylights, a baby shower room, multiple beds, a kitchen, stereo system and much more. This self-contained camper can also be as durable as adventure automobiles come. Plus, it can charge over anything in the path.



The Unimog is the quintessential heavy-duty expedition vehicle. Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, this rugged vehicle has portal axles for high ground clearance and flexible frames to handle rough terrain changes.

The Unimog’s powerful off-road capabilities have made it a big hit among adventurers and explorers.



Much like Unimogs, Pinzaugers are highly-capable all-terrain automobiles. These were initially created for military use, but outdoorsmen and expeditionists took a shine for them for their off-road abilities, transporting capacity and sturdiness.

These effective automobiles can drive up and also over anything that comes their way.

Dobbertin Surface Orbiter

Dobbertin Surface Orbiter

Engineering whiz Ron Dobbertin built that one-of-a-kind camper from a stainless-steel milk tank, and drove it from Florida to South America and back again through the Gulf of Mexico in 1995.

It has living quarters inside, along with a front dash that appears to belong to a spaceship. There’s just one Dobbertin Surface Orbiter around, so we wish we possessed it.

Conqueror Australia

Conqueror Australia

Conqueror Australia’s UEV’s are rugged and versatile off-road camper trailers which have independent suspension systems and lots of awesome campers features.

Each model has a fold-out kitchen, large warm water heating units, full-sized beds, and plenty more.



Sportsmobile has customized adventure campers since 1961. They convert Ford, Chevrolet/GM and Mercedes Benz vans into off-road automobiles.

As you can tell by the Sportsmobile featured above, they are able to get pretty tricked out.

Ford Push Button Camper

Ford Push Button Camper

Okay, it isn’t a rugged all-terrain vehicle, but Ford’s 1958 push button station wagon camper is simply too awesome to leave it off this list.

That one-of-a-kind camper consists of a lifeboat and shelter that both unfold on the top in the push of a button. Additionally, it comes with an unfolding kitchen having a refrigerator, sink and stove, and a large number of other automated devices.

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