Who We Are

We believe that people weren’t meant to spend their whole lives indoors. Who created those walls anyway?

VITCHELO® is for anyone out there who deeply believe that life is not only lived within a home or office, but also outside at driving distance of a park or camping ground, or within thousands of miles where the world is waiting for you to embrace it.

What Does VITCHELO® Stands for?

Who can better tell the story than the one who ignited it?

Long before VITCHELO ever came to life, there was the deep desire and vision of a young man who saw it possible.   

In an interview with former Shark Tank, Kevin Harrigton, and award-winning TV Host, health and fitness expert, Forbes Riley, VITCHELO’s CEO James Lissaint talked about the unique story that brought our brand to life. Watch the video below.  

Our Mission

VITCHELO® is on a mission to help families and friend spend more time outdoors. Bring you closer to your loved ones, surrounded by nature and enjoy the benefits of an healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Drive by the #WeCareThanWeAre philosophy, we work relentlessly to build a reputation for “careness”.  

To be able to constantly provide the best services to our customers, we’ve put together a strong LIFE TIME WARRANTY POLICY and work hard to meet our customers’ needs and requests.

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